The Egyptian Cat Goddess (2016)

The Egyptian Cat Goddess

The Egyptian Cat Goddess
Tiil Kids Books | 2016 | English | ASIN: B01M3PR93T | True PDF | 62 pages | 3 MB

The world is filled with many mysteries; but few countries hold those found in the ruins of Egypt. Archaeologist, Gregory Malachove, has never regretted more taking a job as badly as this one. The air inside the pyramid is stifling. No wind has blown through these stone tunnels in countless years, and no feet have disturbed the thick layering of dust and sand that has settled on the floor.
To make matters worse, the team of archaeologists are in the midst of a heated debate surrounding the finding of a rather, “unusual” book. The writing in the book is old, filled with ancient hieroglyphics, as one might expect, but some are unknown to Gregory.

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